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Zirconia (white) crowns

Our office does offer white crowns as an alternative to more traditional stainless steel crowns.

It is important for parents to understand that placing a white crown is significantly more complex than placing a stainless steel crown. For that reason procedure times tend to be longer when placing white crowns versus placing stainless steel (silver) crowns. 

In situations where the patient begins to struggle because of the longer procedure time we may elect to end the procedure quickly by placing a stainless steel (silver) crown to prevent a negative dental experience. The stainless steel (silver) crown can be removed and replaced with a zirconia (white) crown at a future visit when the patient is able to tolerate the procedure.

hile we hope both goals can be achieved we strongly believe a positive dental experience is more important than an esthetic restoration.

Dentist Newnan Georgia
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Dentist Newnan Georgia
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