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Who Cares About Baby Teeth?

Dental pain can negatively impact a child's quality of life. Establishing a positive relationship with a pediatric dentist can help you and your family learn how to prevent dental pain associated with cavities from ever happening in the first place.

Allowing your child to develop a positive relationship with a pediatric dentist will make treating cavities much easier when they do occur. This will allow us to fix cavities before they ever cause pain. 

Aren't baby teeth going to fall out? 

Baby teeth are going to fall out, but not for a while: 

- Incisors (front baby teeth) fall out around 5 years old

- Molars and canines (back baby teeth) fall out around 10-12 years old

Cavities can start to develop as soon as the teeth erupt, and can become large enough to cause problems very quickly.

Cavities in baby teeth can hurt!

Trauma can happen to anyone at anytime!

Immediately after a dental injury is a bad time for your child to experience new things.

In the event of an injury, it is important your child already has relationship with our office. This will give us the best chance to complete treatment successfully when an injury occurs. 

It is best to catch problems early on!

Pediatric dentists pay close attention to children's growth and development. In many situations, complicated problems can be avoided when identified and addressed early on in life.

Even when complicated problems can not be addressed early in life, early identification can help families effectively plan for their child's future healthcare needs.

Dentist Newnan Georgia
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