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Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)
TOTs is a very popular topic in our community.

Understandably, parents and providers are very motivated to do everything they can to help their young children thrive. We believe releasing TOTs is a treatment that can benefit some patients who are having difficulty feeding early in life. 

We also believe that feeding challenges complex multifactorial issues. Releasing ties is one tool in the toolbox. We strongly recommend parents work with a lactation consultant when considering tongue and lip tie release for help before and after the procedure is completed.

When we release ties we do so using a Light Scalpel CO2 laser. We prefer laser treatment because it allows for quick, precise treatment.

Our infant treatment is completed in our baby room shown below.
We always require a consult visit to evaluate your child's condition before scheduling release. This allows us to evaluate the child and discuss expectations with parents. If  you would like to schedule a consult give our office a call at 470-414-1350 or email


Dentist Newnan Georgia
Dentist Newnan Georgia
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