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If your child experiences a true medical emergency please call 9-1-1. If your child experiences a dental injury during normal business hours please call us at (470) 414-1350. If your child experiences an injury after hours please call our after hours emergency line at (470) 210-8050. While we try to be available as much as possible after hours we are not an emergency room. We will not be available at all times. If your call is not returned and you require immediate attention please visit your nearest emergency room or urgent care facility 

Our after hours line is in place for patients of record only.

Dentist Newnan Georgia
Avulsed tooth (Knocked out)

Baby tooth- If a baby tooth is knocked out it should be left out. Putting the tooth back in could damage the adult tooth.


Adult tooth- Contact our office immediately! If an adult tooth is knocked out it should be placed in milk (not water) and brought to the office as soon as possible. 

Dentist Newnan Georgia
Contact our office immediately! Dental pain is often an indication of serious dental infection that can escalate quickly in some cases if not addressed. It is common for dental pain to increase and decrease throughout the day. Do not assume that the problem has resolved if pain goes away.
If the toothache is paired with signficiant swelling of the face quickly go to the nearest emergency department as soon as possible.
Dentist Newnan Georgia
Chipped a tooth (Fracture)

Contact our office immediately! Fractures that extend to the pulp of the tooth require immediate attention to achieve the best possible outcome. Chipped teeth can also be very painful and should be treated quickly for that reason as well.

Dentist Newnan Georgia
Bumped a tooth (Concussion/Luxation)

Contact our office immediately! Even if the tooth does not feel loose it is important to come in for a baseline exam so we can see if the injury has any impact on the health of the tooth in the future.


If the tooth feels loose it is especially important to come in for treatment. In this case, the tooth may need to be splinted in place so it can have the best opportunity to heal.

Dentist Newnan Georgia
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