Keeping teeth clean can be hard! We have listed some products we love for keeping kids' mouths healthy below:


This three sided toothbrush can be very helpful for kids with special needs where brushing with a traditional toothbrush is not possible. We still like traditional brushes if they can be used properly, but when they cant this brush can help!

Plaque disclosing tablets can be helpful for checking how well your kids are brushing between visits. These tablets dye plaque pink. We encourage kids to chew the tablet AFTER brushing so they can see where they are missing.

Dr John's only makes candy using a natural, sugar free sweetener called xylitol. Its a great alternative to traditional candy. It is important to keep these treats away from pets because its can make them very sick if they eat it.

*The practical benefits of xylitol in reducing decay are debatable but xylitol candies certainly do not cause cavities which is a huge win over traditional sweets!


LOLOZ are similar to Dr. Johns but have licorice root extract instead of xylitol as its antibacterial ingredient. This product also comes with a specific dosing plan for bacterial reduction. 

*The p
ractical benefits of licorice root extract in reducing decay are debatable, but these candies certainly do not cause cavities which is a huge win over traditional sweets!

T guards are very helpful for eliminating thumb sucking. They also come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

cloth thumb guard.jpg
tanners tasty paste.JPG

Tanner's Tasty paste is extremely tasty toothpaste for a picky brusher

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