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X-ray Information


Why take x-rays?
Dentist Newnan Georgia


As Low As Reasonably Achievable Exposure

Whenever x-rays are taken at our office uses technology to make sure your child experiences radiation dosing at the lowest levels possible. Our office uses digital radiology and Nomad hand held x-ray system.

Digital films are more sensitive than the chemically dipped films of the past. This allows us to obtain the same results with lower a lower dose of radiation.

The Nomad hand held x-ray system has multiple benefits. First, the beam emitted is collimated. This means the x-rays are all pointed in the same direction instead of scattered. Straighter beams allows us to use a lower dose than we used in the past.

Our goal is to provide your child with comprehensive dental care. Dental x-rays allow us to see areas of your child's mouth that we can not see with our eyes alone. Without dental x-rays we can not evaluate the areas between the teeth, the roots of the teeth, or the surrounding facial bones. 


Minimum X-ray Requirements

We require all patients of record to take x-rays as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Each x-ray schedule is customized for each individual patient based on their specific oral health needs.

We do not require x-rays be taken at the first visit. This allows us to talk through any concerns you may have regarding x-rays. You then have 6 months to decide if you are comfortable with our x-ray policy before the next cleaning.

In an effort to avoid conflict with parents who are not comfortable with x-rays our minimum x-ray requirement is listed below. If you are not comfortable with this minimum requirement please do not schedule a visit with our office.

- Bite wing x-rays must be taken once per year starting when the back teeth touch 
- Panoramic x-rays must be taken once every 5 years starting at the age of 7 years

Dentist Newnan Georgia
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